Verify the Recall Update

Feb 13, 2012Word on the Street

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS HELPING TO VERIFY THE WISCONSIN RECALL PETITION SIGNATURES. Last week, True the Vote posted all senate recall petition findings online - with stunning results. By TTV's calculation, two of the four senators' recall petitions may not have enough signatures to qualify. Did your work make a difference? Absolutely! But, don't put away your keyboard just yet....

There is still a mountain of work to be done in entering names from the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker - 152,000 documents worth, to be exact. TRUE THE VOTE NEEDS YOUR HELP - AND NEEDS YOU TO ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO HELP, TOO. The clock is ticking. All signatures must be entered and checked by February 22nd - WE CAN DO IT IF WE STAY THE COURSE!

In 100 minutes you can check 100 names. It's simple, it's fast, and it's historic. How? Go to Verify the Recall and sign up - you will be volunteering alongside 13,000 patriots from across the country who are willing to stand in the gap of government and stop the Unions from overwhelming our electoral processes with no fear of recourse. Don't let them get away with it - help verify the recall!

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